Commercial Equipment Removal In Farmington, CT

For commercial equipment removal that is kind to the environment and gives back to the community, you can rely on A1 Farmington Junk Removal. Our friendly, efficient teams are fully equipped to handle your commercial equipment in Farmington and throughout Connecticut with ease.

You deserve commercial equipment removal that you can feel good about. We are a locally operated junk removal company in Farmington, Connecticut, that strives to reuse, repurpose, and recycle every piece of commercial equipment we can for our peace of mind and yours.

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Our Process Is As Simple As 1 – 2 – 3


Pick a date and a 2-hour window that works for you


We call you 15 to 30 minutes

before arrival


If you are happy with our price, we haul your old equipment away!

Want to know what your commercial junk removal service will cost before you book? No problem. We offer free, no-obligation quotes with no hidden fees online, by phone, and on Facebook for your convenience.

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Equipment We Take

  • Office Furniture Removal
  • Office Equipment Removal
  • Vehicles
  • Large Tools
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Laundromat Equipment
  • Commercial Washers And Dryers
  • Printing Equipment
  • Dry Cleaning Equipment
  • Cash Registers
  • Computers
  • Industrial machinery
  • Display Cases And Shelving
  • E-waste Disposal, Removal, And Recycling
  • Television Disposal & Recycling
  • Photocopiers
  • Commercial Ovens
  • Bakery Equipment
  • Salon equipment
  • And More

If it’s heavy, big, and bulky, A1 Farmington Junk Removal is the local junk removal company you can depend on to remove and dispose of it safely and responsibly.

Our experienced and industrious teams will handle virtually any commercial equipment removal needs you have except when it comes to hazardous materials. If we encounter any hazardous materials that we are not authorized or equipped to handle, we will direct you to experts who can.

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Restaurant Equipment Removal

Updating the look of your Farmington area restaurant? Need to get rid of old equipment to make room for the new? You can depend on us to get rid of your old office equipment responsible, on time, and on budget. Our local junk removal teams will haul your old restaurant equipment and furnishings away quickly and safely. Using our reusing and recycling connections, we will make sure your restaurant junk is taken care of responsibly.

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If your restaurant equipment and furnishings are in good condition, we will donate it to local charitable organizations. If it can be repaired, we will donate your old equipment to resellers who will fix it up and give it a second chance at life. Otherwise, we will recycle it properly. Any metal will be taken to a scrap steel depot. Wood products will be taken to where it can be reused and recycled. E-Waste will be taken to handing stations for proper recycling and disposal. We do everything we can to make sure that your office furniture does not end up in the Connecticut landfills.

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Office Equipment Removal & Recycling

We make figuring out what to do with your old office equipment simple and stress-free. We know that time is money which is why we offer fast, affordable, eco-friendly office equipment removal services to our Farmington area business community. Our professional, skilled team will make sure your old office equipment is safely removed from your Connecticut business and disposed of properly.

Taking care of your office equipment on your own can be a real hassle and even costly when you factor in your time, fuel, and risking potential injury trying to move heavy, bulky office equipment without the right tools or training. Don’t stress yourself out trying to figure out how to move your old office junk and where it all needs to go. Let our A1 Team take care of it for you. All you have to do is call, sit back, and watch us haul your office equipment away, knowing it will be handled socially responsibly and may even help someone starting a business in your community on top.

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Retail Equipment Removal In Farmington

Closing your retail store in Farmington, CT, and need to clear out the space? Or just getting rid of old shelving, displays, cash registers, etc, to make way for new equipment as part of re-branding or renovation? You can depend on us to help you out. Integrity Junk Removal And Demolition are experts at retail equipment removal and commercial cleanouts in Farmington and the surrounding area. We have the equipment, knowledge, and know-how needed to help you get rid of your old retail equipment and furnishings fast and affordably.

Our local junk removal team will remove furniture, appliances, electronic equipment, machinery, storage cabinets, fixtures, and more and take care of it properly.  We will sort through your retail junk to make sure that what can be reused, recycled, and repurposed is. When you have our socially responsible, environmentally conscious teams working for you, you can feel good about your junk removal.

If you are in need of demolition services as well, we are the commercial demolition company of choice in Farmington and the surrounding communities.

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Industrial Equipment Removal & Recycling

A1 Farmington Junk Removal provides our Farmington area communities with comprehensive junk removal services including industrial equipment removal and recycling. Getting rid of your old, unwanted, industrial equipment doesn’t have to be difficult or inconvenient. We will take care of your old industrial equipment safely, swiftly, and make sure that everything is being disposed of properly and not just being tossed into the landfill.

We have the equipment, training, and skill required to remove your old industrial equipment, furniture, and electronics with relative ease, saving you time and money while freeing up space. Our Integrity teams are fully licensed and insured. We strictly follow all health and safety guidelines for you peace of mind and ours.

We will assess your junk and recycle, repurpose, and reuse as much as we can using our network of recycling, reselling, and donation organizations. Every effort is taken to keep your junk out of the landfills. When you have A1 Farmington Junk Removal handling your industrial equipment removal, you can be confident that it is being done responsibly.

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Who We Are

A1 Farmington Junk Removal is an environmentally conscious, socially responsible junk removal and demolition company headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut, with locally operated junk removal service providers in the surrounding communities.

Our primary focus is you, the customer. We know you are busy and time is money. Before we arrive, we’ll give you a call or quick text 15 to 30 minutes ahead to let you know we are coming. Our teams are fully equipped to handle anything you throw at us (except hazardous waste) quickly, and neatly, so you can get back to business fast.

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Communities We Serve

A1 Farmington Junk Removal provides employment opportunities in every community we serve. Our teams are members of your Connecticut community dedicated to providing you with outstanding commercial junk removal services.

Farmington’s Customer First Junk Removal Team!

We are Farmington’s most trusted junk removal and demolition service. Our friendly, hardworking team is highly trained, licensed, insured, and always ready to help you out. We approach your commercial equipment and junk removal with the utmost professionalism and strive to exceed your expectations in all that we do. We care about helping you clear out the clutter in your life with exceptional junk removal.

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Why We Do It

Eco-Friendly And Socially Conscious Junk Removal And Demolition

When you entrust your equipment and junk removal in the Farmington area to us, you gain peace of mind knowing that your unwanted items are being handled and disposed of responsibly. We are committed to keeping your business junk out of the landfill as much as possible. 

We are your eco-friendly junk removal company in Farmington

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Community-Based And Customer Focused Junk Removal

A1 Farmington Junk Removal is passionate about giving back to the communities we serve. Our teams are made up of people who live in the communities we serve. We seek out every opportunity to contribute to our community’s well-being and show we care.

Ready to have us take care of your commercial equipment removal for you?

Give us a call and talk with a member of the A1 team about what services you need and book a day and time that works for us to start. We’ll even give you an up front estimate!

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